The “Oops” Factor in Sculpting: Friday Fictioneers

Sculptures are permanent testimonies to life, but not in this case. In this instance, it may not even be considered a work of art, though Gianni and Santos may see otherwise. I wouldn’t argue with them.

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week it is:

PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma

The “Oops” Factor in Sculpting

“What an interesting studio!” Annette eyes the dusty room.
Gianni and Santos look away, guffawing.
“What?” Annette snaps. “What’s it for then?”
“Well, we did make a sculpture of your husband here.”
Annette raises an eyebrow. “And?”
“And, nuttin’. The boss said to have the whole family sculpted.”
“The boss?”
“Yeah. And what the boss wants..?
“He gets?” Annette gulps. “OK, when do we start?”
Still doesn’t get it. Gianni wonders about her.
Santos takes off his overcoat, retrieves his piece.
“Step inside that nice wet base we prepared just for you.” He motions with the handgun.
“Oops.” Annette gasps.

Randy Mazie


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