Death and His Taxes: A Tricube

I recently read in Robert Lee Brewer’s column, Poetic Asides, from the September 2016 Writer’s Digest issue that a tricube poem consists of three syllables per line by three lines per stanza by three stanzas. This format was created by poet: Phillip Larrea.

I liked the concept, and tried it out using a word play on “scot-free”, historically, a phrasing that has meant, at times, to “get away without paying taxes”, and our current phrasing of two things we can never avoid, namely, “death and taxes”.

Google image= public domain

Google image= public domain

Death and His Taxes

No one dares
Death and gets
off scot-free.

Spit in his
eye, and he
will spit back –

fetching your
cold taxes
in the end.

Randy Mazie


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