A Thread of a Reunion: Friday Fictioneers

Some reunions hang on a thread…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week it is:

© Janet Webb

© Janet Webb

A Thread of a Reunion

Stone? Jerry Stone? I haven’t seen you in, what is it, 40 years? What are you doing here?

Do I know you?

Sure you do.

Sorry, but it’s been rocky for me lately.

I can see. You look a little stoned.

Yeah, well.

So, Jerry Stone stoned after being so straight.

I remember you now. You’re William Wasp.

The one and only.

You got caught up in a sting years back.

Well, times have changed and so have I. And, I see you have, too.

Times are tough. Hey, do you remember Spidey-man?

Oh, what a web he weaved…

So true.

Randy Mazie


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