Pipeline: Friday Fictioneers

There’s always another lesson to be learned. Just not when Jimmy is in the class…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week the humor sucks.

© Connie Gayer …(Mrs. Russell)

© Connie Gayer …(Mrs. Russell)


Today, students, we’re studying an important subject.
Turn the picture 90° clockwise.

Why, Jimmy? Because I said so.

15-11-06  turned Pipeline

That top flat lighter area is: Canada.

Jimmy, I don’t care what your parents think about how Canadians tip.

Back to the picture. The bottom is the US.

No, Jimmy, the entire US is not rocky.

The curved plastic is the pipeline that moves oil from Canada to the US.

Yes, Jimmy? Why is everything so dry-looking?

Good question! Because when you suck all the oil out of the earth, this is what the world looks like.

No, Jimmy, I did not say that Canadians suck.

Randy Mazie


52 thoughts on “Pipeline: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Brilliant use of the photo… And the use of pipelines does suck terribly… Loved the dialogue even if there was some jabbing of us friendly (remember?) Canadians… 😉

    • Always considered Canadians the ultimate in friendliness, integrity, and liberalism. Especially today with a new government in place. Hurrah!
      Uh-oh. Now, I hope I haven’t touched off another controversy.

      You know me – i am anything but controversial. Ha.

      • I am beyond pleased with our new government, so no controversy with me…then again, I’m from Eastern Canada; those from the west are a tad less pleased

        • I know some from Western Canada who are very pleased, too. I do remember though tales and pictures about Papa Trudeau who showed the West the finger…

  2. You’re right! We tip miserably. We’re conservatives but not all is lost! Now we’re liberals. 🙂 O happy day for Justin! Yea, the pipeline sucks. 😦


    • What’s good for the environment is good for the Jews – 😉 – Canadians, Mexicans, republicans, socialists, LBGTs, senior citizens, left-handed industrialists, rhesus monkeys, space cadets, starry-eyed opticians, ad infinitives, detritus, and poly misogamists.

      Thanks for commenting – or not.

  3. Perfect. I’m still chuckling about Jimmy. North American tipping ritual is an endless source of wonder to me, and yeah, the pipeline…

  4. My son worked part-time in restaurants. He’s now a generous tipper. Good story Randy. I love that kid and his questions. Good teacher who answers them. Lecturers wouldn’t last long with younger kids. I used to teach 1st and 2nd grade, so know that. Well done, Randy. 🙂 — Suzanne

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