A Nice Outing: Friday Fictioneers

Sometimes a nice outing can get a little bizarre…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week it’s “we be trippin'” humor.

© Ron Pruitt

© Ron Pruitt

A Nice Outing

“Lady, don’t push. You’ll get on,” Cowboy lulled.
“Is this President Jefferson’s original campaign bus?” Miss Enility asked.
Cowboy chortled, “Did the ticket man tell you that?”
“Did he charge you double?”
“Yeah, but he said, it was worth it.”
“I’ll get your money back, ma’am, This is Jefferson lanes. It’s a bowling alley on wheels.”
Sam, overhearing them, responded, “Cowboy, you know better’n that. It’s Jefferson Lines, not lanes, and tain’t Presidential nor a bowling alley. Miss Enility, I’m taking you back to Shady Meadows, and Cowboy you’re going back to the ward.”
“Aww, Sheriff, why ruin a nice outing.”

Randy Mazie

For those of you who have a mind and the time, and are of the inclination,
here’s the link to the first story I wrote about this pic – 3 years ago – entitled:
Way Too Slick


39 thoughts on “A Nice Outing: Friday Fictioneers

  1. I love this. It would be fun to follow them on the trip, if they ever made it on that bus. Took me a while to get Miss Enility.

  2. Hilarious, Randy. I agree there needs to be more security at the institutions, and how did Miss Enility ever get ahold of enough money to pay double for the ticket, and Cowboy to even buy one ticket? Something funny is going on in that town. The Sheriff needs to do a little checking before the newspapers get ahold of the story. Well done, but also mysterious. 😀 — Suzanne

    • Wow, you really got down into this.
      Nothing mysterious here.
      To help you:

      A Nice Outing – Part II

      After Sheriff Sam returned Miss Enity back to Shady Meadows, it was discovered that she had been going into the pocketbooks of both staff and patients and collecting pretty green paper which she said she found to be fascinating. Wads of it had been found stuffed under her bed. Sheriff Sam had been called numerous times about missing money and assumed it was an inside job, but only realized who was stealing it after the ticket taker called him about Miss Enility’s willingness to pay double for the ticket.. He claimed he was teasing her about President Jefferson, then realized that she wasn’t “all there” and called the sheriff.

      Cowboy was on level 1 of the honor system at the pysch ward because of his trustworthy behavior and accomplishment of assigned daily tasks. This allowed him out for the day – but not for a bus trip. Patients do get money from family to spend on outings – but not bus trips, obviously. It was lucky that the sheriff showed up when he did to intercept Miss Enility. He knew Cowboy because he had brought him into court for bizarre behaviors in the past.

      Everyone loves Sheriff Sam, and equates him with Sheriff Andy of Mayberry.



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