A Hot Topic: Friday Fictioneers

Love can be a hot topic at any age.
Let’s listen in on octogenarians Adeline and Jack discuss their latest attempts at how to make one of their favorite meals.

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week is about love, eating, and hot topics…

Β© Roger Bultot

Β© Roger Bultot

A Hot Topic

Too much heat, Jack shook his head.
You said it was too sweet, Addie insisted.
No, Addie, I said set the oven to 350. You don’t listen.
Oven? You said fry it. We always fry it.
You always fry it. I bake it.
Bake it? Jack, you asked me how my mother makes it.
Why are we talking about your mother at a time like this?
What else should we talk about? You already set half the kitchen on fire.
Me? Addie, you knocked the hot pan of oil out of my hands onto the burner.
Because I wanted to fry it.
Fry what? We always bake it.

Randy Mazie


68 thoughts on “A Hot Topic: Friday Fictioneers

    • So, why did you mention your mom? Jack said, no one was talking about your mother. Addie’s saying leave him alone. What’s wrong with mothers?
      BTW: what is your cooking compared to? Maybe better that you don’t answer that.

    • What wonderful comments. You made me laugh. I’m still smiling as I write this. Actually, I’ve been around since the civil war.

      Now, Addie would like to return the favor of your nice comments, especially the one about me being an octogenarian (which by the way, I hope to proudly be one one day), she’d like to fry some your favorite things for dinner. And she says, she does mean your favorite things.


  1. Dear Randy,

    Ain’t marriage great? Somehow, some way, i love these guys. So, probably, do the fire extinguisher salespeople. Good job. As I read this aloud, my voice got louder and louder right up to the bitter end. Loved it.



    • I don’t always admit this, but I really enjoy my dialogues out loud. Most of the time they’re based on people that I know. I got quite a chuckle at hearing them go at it with each other.Glad you sounded it out, too.

  2. I know them, too. I just hope someone’s looking after them, with all that spillt oil and the heat… that was moving and funny at the same time, loved it.

  3. when i was visiting italy, i heard that the best compliment that a wife can expect from her husband is when he finally says, “honey, you cook as good as my mom.” most italian men are mama’s boys. and i don’t think that’s entirely bad. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I’ve heard a lot about that.
      Most recently NPR did a whole episode on Italian grandmothers, how they cook (taking a lot of time and care), and how their “secrets” are being lost among the younger cooks of today. It was fascinating and wonderful to listen to.

  4. Oh my, I remember when I was teaching my hubby to make a few things. He’s good at it now but I remember those days. No fires though. Were we lucky? Oh … I just remembered he did put a frying pan that lit up in the sick and then doused it with water. NOT GOOD !!!! Flames went up. It’s a good thing I don’t have curtains on my window. Boy, this one got me thinking.
    I believe this story gets people thinking. Great story !!!! 😎

  5. Husband and wife in the same kitchen is the perfect recipe for disaster – even before the cooking gets underway. Then, I’m afraid, the kitchen’s definitely set to burn. Funny little piece.

  6. What is she arguing with him for? My motto has always been, “If you find a man who likes to cook, stand back and leave him to it.” Of course, maybe she wanted an excuse to have the kitchen remodeled. Well done, Randy. πŸ˜€ — Suzanne

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