Playing Second Fiddle to a Clarinet: Friday Fictioneers

Sometimes playing second fiddle has better results than we can ever imagine…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week the story is music to Henrietta’s ears.

©David Stewart

©David Stewart

Playing Second Fiddle to a Clarinet

Henrietta, I’m telling Riley this has to stop.
No you won’t, George.
We listen to him every night pretend to conduct that band of old farts.
You’re just jealous because he didn’t ask you to play your clarinet.
I’m too good for his measly group.
And it has nothing to do with the fact you two haven’t spoken since high school.
Nothing at all.
When Mr. Jenkins chose him over you for the solo at the Spring Music Fling.
I was sick that week.
And what a good thing your mother made you attend, and I wound up sitting next to you.

Randy Mazie


54 thoughts on “Playing Second Fiddle to a Clarinet: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Tut, tut, George. Time to let bygones be, don’cha think? (should be “wound up” in the last line, no?)

  2. I think these two must be pals with my two characters this week. The stories that ol’ bandstand could tell if it could talk. Great dialogue and characterisation. 🙂

  3. I love the way the conversation plays out and George’s long-held pique unfolds. Definitely time he let bygones be bygones and enjoy life with the wife he so fortuitously met. Nice one! 🙂

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