The Purity of Sea: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle

This man set sail, as many a man has, to purge an inner demon, an acquired curse, maybe an original sin, and finds salvation at sea…

Each week The Sunday Whirl invites writers to write a poem or short prose using some or all of the “Wordle’s” 12 words. This week it is:


The Purity of Sea

I was born dry and bone dry,
so to the sea I took.
And for many a year a toothy monkey
laughed in my ear, and I shook,
shouldering that monkey’s verbal plague,
with true grit,
I swabbed decks, sweet kept
the seas’ tears aft,
and my blasphemy at bay.
Loyal only to my craft.

Avoiding port, as a rustling whole,
holding little there for me,
I’d quick return
to the salty swell,
the tides that surge,
the ocean’s hell,
and to my craft – my loyalty.

Randy Mazie


14 thoughts on “The Purity of Sea: The Sunday Whirl – Wordle

  1. Ahh! If it’s dry you are its Rum you need in your belly, then a real sailor you will be!
    Man’s constant draw to the sea is beautifully illustrated in your poem.

  2. A metaphor for writing maybe…sometimes it does seem like we are all alone out there floating on the waves…and yet waves anchor and maybe even draw us into the shore..

  3. “Avoiding port”—you could take this two ways, you know? First, as avoiding coming into a landing place. Second, as avoiding the alcoholic beverage. So which is it? Maybe one, maybe the other, I suppose!

    Another Baja Whirl

  4. Great first line – and word play with “Loyal only to my craft” – so many ways to read that. I like the idea of purity – that returning to home/source. There’s a fidelity to the voyage here that’s very appealing. – Richard

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