No One Like My Dad: Friday Fictioneers

Even in the most poorest of places, things can be gotten, love can grow, and bonds deepen…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week it’s about admiration and love and what parent can do for a child…

Copyright โ€“ Georgia Koch

Copyright โ€“ Georgia Koch

No One Like My Dad

We had little in our family. It didn’t stop me from asking for things though. I was headstrong, and my father was as good as gold when it came to trying to give me things.

I asked for a bike. He found one at the dump. He cleaned it up for me. The years went by, and he did the same with a skateboard, a basketball hoop, and a scooter.

When I was 14, I wanted a boat. He found this prize on the beach. We dragged it home, cleaned it up, and went out fishing – together.

Randy Mazie


42 thoughts on “No One Like My Dad: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Such a lovely story about sharing, spending precious time with the kids when it really matters. It’s the kind of lesson that passes down through subsequent generations, just like the less positive forms of parental behaviour. Well done.

    • Ah, but for the less positive, we as a society need to offer help and a huge media campaign like we’ve done with smoking, drunk driving, and the like.
      it is not okay to neglect or abuse or not spend time with your children.
      Thanks for coming by.

    • Thanks. I tried to be. Had my failures, of course. But could go to sleep at night with a clear conscience – and grateful. When I was wrong. I apologized as quickly as I could, trying to model that same behaviors I expected from my kids. I have 4 children – 3 stepdaughters and a son. now ranging from 22 to 32. It has been a blast, difficult at times, challenging, and a gift.

  2. He sounds like the guy I’m living with. He rescues bike, bed frames and other stump from the dump and spruces them up or make them into new things. And he patched up his sailboat and gave it to his son.


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