Bill Nelson Voted for the CRomnibus Bill: MoveOn.Org Petition

Bill Nelson Voted for the CRomnibus Bill

Petition by Randy Mazie

To be delivered to The Honorable Bill Nelson, Senator
Tell Bill:

“I am very disappointed in your vote for CRomnibus. It has hideous riders that hurt and assault your constituents’ financial and environmental well-being as well as those of others across the country. Shame on you. I want to hear why you did it – but I hope that this is not the beginning of your backsliding into non-representative voting patterns.”

Bill Nelson voted for the CRomnibus Bill. It included such riders as:

– increasing the amount an individual can donate to a party committee from $32,400 to $324,000. The wealthy will now have more power than ever,

– the rider guts Dodd-Frank and will allow for future bank bailouts. Elizabeth Warren has spoken out against this and Citigroup’s overarching influence.

However, there is more :

– trustees can cut pension benefits to current retirees.

– Trucking companies can make employees work 82-hour work weeks.

– Pell grants for college students will be cut, and the money diverted to private student loan contractors. Guess who benefits there.

– Blue Cross and Blue Shield will get a windfall savings of millions of dollars because of a change in the reporting system.

– “Backdoor” searches by the NSA of Americans’ private communications will be reinstated.

– The EPA will be stopped from regulating certain water sources for farmers. The U.S. will be allowed to continue to fund Egypt’s military. Nutritional standards in school lunches will be reduced. It blocks the listing of new endangered species. And there’s still more…

And Bill Nelson voted FOR all this.
Tell him today how you feel.

CONTACT: MoveOn.Org petitions
or copy and paste the following:

public domain image - Google search - Bill Nelson

public domain image – Google search – Bill Nelson

Thanks, Randy


2 thoughts on “Bill Nelson Voted for the CRomnibus Bill: MoveOn.Org Petition

    • Isn’t that freedom?
      Like the old days when railroad companies had workers couple the cars in snow and ice,then slide and die between two coupled cars.
      It’s the land of the free and home of the brave, if you live.

      And our president signed the bill within a couple of days of its passing on the hill. I don’t get that at all.

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