In Regards to the Email

Do we know each other anymore? Do we really know each other?…


pic by Randy Mazie

pic by Randy Mazie


In Regards to the Email

I sent you an email.
Did you get it?

I sent it to all of you.
Did any of you read it?

Did you notice who it was from?
Did you recognize it was from me?

Or, did you just delete it,
because there’s too much
bombarding you
that you have to make fast decisions
about what’s worth reading or not,
what’s worth your time or not.

I know you couldn’t see me in the text,
you couldn’t recognize me by the font.
You couldn’t smell me on the screen,
hear the worry in my voice, nor touch my face.

Yes, I could have texted,
Tweeted, Facebooked,
Instagram’d, or tumblr’d,

but here’s the kicker:

Do you wonder why I sent it?
Or, did you just assume I had forwarded it
mindlessly on to you, and then
you mindlessly deleted it or mindlessly forwarded it, yourself,
to everyone in your address book.

Did you even stop to wonder if I really wrote it?
Did you wonder why I might have sent it?
Did you wonder if I had something important to say to you?

Are we even talking now?

Randy Mazie

pic by Randy Mazie


4 thoughts on “In Regards to the Email

  1. Unfortunately all too true too often, Randy. Although email may convey the same message as a card or letter, they’re somehow different and as email is so easy, the abundance is much greater .


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