Flowers for Frosty: The Icy Friday Fictionaires

Dante’s inferno might have, unwittingly, awaited little precocious Eunice, if she had not bothered to ask her brother to look before she leaped…

Each week Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week it’s hot icy flowery humor.

Copyright Janet Webb

Copyright Janet Webb

Flowers for Frosty

“They’re perfect!” Eunice clapped her hands.
“How’d you find them?” Her brother, Ephraim, eyed them cautiously.
“I stumbled upon them.”
“Well, I’m glad you asked me to look.”
“They’ll look great in our snowman’s hands.”
“They certainly will, but…” Ephraim studied the house beyond the flowers.
“But what, Ephraim?”
“I’m glad you showed me them first.”
“They’re Ms. Dante’s prize flowers. They bloom every winter; and if she caught you cutting them, she’d kill you.”
“‘Damn-you Dante’, our school principal?” Eunice’s jaw dropped. “Kill me? She’d expel me, then exterminate me! And do it all slowly, with excruciating pleasure!”

Randy Mazie


34 thoughts on “Flowers for Frosty: The Icy Friday Fictionaires

  1. Quickly! Bury them in the snow before the old bat sees them. Give frosty a posy of dry spaghetti to hold – he’ll be just as happy with that. Love this story 🙂

  2. Great name for a scary principal. Maybe they could build their snowman in Ms Dante’s garden and move it a little closer to her door every night. Not that I have anything against school principals ….

  3. That was a close call. As an ex-high school teacher, may I just speak for the principals of this world, whose flowers have been pinched, whose letterboxes have been exploded, and who have had other similar wilful acts of vandalism enacted upon them – some kids are just asking to be exterminated excruciatingly. I did love your story.

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