Texture. Color. Form.: Friday Fictioneer’s Art Class

Key ingredients are essential for creating great art. Let’s learn more about this…

Friday Fictioneers โ€“ Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic each week to write a 100 word story about.

This week it’s humor (funny, it was humor the week before, and the week before that, and the week before…)

Copyright-Kent Bonham

Copyright-Kent Bonham

Texture. Color. Form.

Professor Grinorbore said these things were key elements in artistic creation providing interest, depth and movement.

So, for my end-of-year project, I created a sandstone landscape infused with pepper, paprika, and other seasonings, tossed a teensy bit of light green celery to the left, and placed a gray mold-covered wooden spatula in the center.

I called it Inseminating Life On the Planet After Global Warming.

He went Lady Gaga over it.

For me, it was just old crap that I had around the house.
Goes to show you the old adage is true: one man’s art is another man’s crap.

Randy Mazie


37 thoughts on “Texture. Color. Form.: Friday Fictioneer’s Art Class

  1. Love this. I went to art school too, and I think I also remember this teacher. (Very small point – I wonder if changing the first ‘crap’ to another word, would heighten the use of it the second time? Just an idea.)

    • Thank you, Claire.
      I looked at your suggestion, but then wondered if the reader would wonder where the word “crap” came from in the second line if i just said “old stuff” or “old junk” in the first line.

      BTW, How’s you’d make out with the teacher when you were in art school? I don’t mean like, did you make out with him, but how did you do? Randy

  2. Inseminating Life On the Planet After Global Warming — who could resist a book or a film or a work of art with a name like that? I’m swooning … I think I might drop my gray mold-covered wooden spatula! Funny stuff, Randy, and I didn’t go to art school.

  3. My favorite line: He went Lady Gaga over it.
    I also like Professor Grin or Bore!
    Both made me chuckle.
    The whole thing made me chuckle, in fact.
    You’re funny!
    It’s hard to pull off “funny” — you did it pretty effortlessly.

    • Thank you for your funny comments.
      I had fun reading them.
      Not everyone can make me smile because of their comments,
      but you just did.
      PS – I don’t know how effortlessly it was, but I have fun writing them.

      Stop by and have a laugh anytime with me…

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