Is Writing a Limerick Lame?: Limerick Off Monday

There may be severe consequences for saying, or even believing that. Read on so you are forewarned…

Limerick Post (Limerick-Off Monday) of MAD KANE’S HUMOR BLOG challenges readers/writers to write, obviously, LIMERICKS! This week’s suggested word to be rhymed is: LAME

pic by Randy Mazie

pic by Randy Mazie

Is Writing a Limerick Lame?

Writing a limerick’s lame,
If you’re seeking to garner much fame,
And you’ll never make money
Even if it is funny,
‘Cause folks think they all sound the same.

But claim that my limerick’s lame,
Then you’re playing a dangerous game.
Because when it’s done,
You will see by my pun,
That your dumb ass will not be the same.

And insist that my limerick’s lame?
Then you’re really missing the aim.
A limerick’s frisky
Like good Irish whiskey,
Or shall we soberly put you to shame?

Randy Mazie


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