There Once Was A Lady From Goa: Friday’s Bible Study Limerickteers

A new verse to add to an old verse of the tale of Noah and the Ark.

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic each week to write a 100 word story about.

This week it’s ridiculous humor/limericks because it’s the only thing that came to mind other than writing a gruesome piece about a lady who like, Groundhog’s Day, reawakens each morning to search for her missing family in another country: Iran, Syria, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Nigeria… (Ugh. too real and gruesome for me. I’ll stick to funny, and like Groundhog’s Day, it was humor last Wednesday, and the Wednesday before that, and before…)

Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau

Copyright – Dawn Q. Landau

There Once Was A Lady From Goa

There once was a lady from Goa
Who walked on dry land after Noah
Shlepped the ark
To a volcano – so stark,
that it probably was Mauna Loa.

Now this same old lady from Goa,
Swam all the way south to Samoa.
As the lava spewed free,
She jumped into the sea,
Quickly shouting Shalom and Aloha!!!

Randy Mazie


41 thoughts on “There Once Was A Lady From Goa: Friday’s Bible Study Limerickteers

  1. Dear Randy,

    This might be your best ever. I always enjoy the noun/verb Shlep. It’s my nickname you know. I have a friend I call Kvetch. Together we’re “Shlep and Kvetch it.”

    Shalom, (I’ll leave the Aloha to Doug)


  2. Dear Randy,

    On a great note, I’m still laughing form your last line….Well done.

    On a technical note…it’s Groundhog Day.

    You hit what you were aiming at. Good job.

    Aloha and Shalom,


    • Thanks for the comments. I thought of you when I was writing it.

      And, while I appreciate the correction, and it never occurred to me that it might be one word, I’m now going to write to the American Board of Sanctioned Use of Language because I believe that the spelling proffered in my piece certainly should be a variant of the word. I mean, come on, there are food hogs, bed hogs,
      big hogs, little hogs, and I now DECLARE: the Ground Hog.

      Thanks, Doug

    • Oh my goodness! I read what you wrote too early in the morning for my little brain to fully process what you were saying. It wasn’t that it is two words, it is that the phrase is not possessive.

      But again, if the day doesn’t belong to the groundhog, why even call it Groundhog Day.
      It should be Groundhogday like any other day of the week.

      For instance, it should be set in the first week of February after Sunday but before Monday, and only once a year. But I don’t see it on my calendar as an eight day week in February. Although it’s always celebrated February 2, it’s on a different day each year.

      Now, as I think about it (which is always dangerous – hurry, get out of the way!), it should be Labor’s Day. Independence’s Day, Christmas’ Day, etc.

      It’s true. Think about it.
      We call New Year’s Day, New Year’s Day – and not New Year Day. Or, New Year’s Eve…

      This discussion reminds me though of a groundhog’s day dirty laundry:
      A whole bunch of ground hogwash.


  3. I hate muddled images.
    Standby while i adjust your monitor.

    Now to help out your imagery:

    Noah set sail from Goa
    the woman was simply a stowa-
    way who set foot
    but didn’t stay put
    with the lava flow on Mauna Loa.

    By the way she settled in old Mexicola
    and ate her days through Guacamola


  4. Very funny, Randy, and from now on I’m going to be shouting “shalom & aloha” whenever I want to get the hell out of a place ASAP. “As the lava spewed free/She jumped into the sea/Quickly shouting Shalom and Aloha!!!” Like that line!

    • Perry – look at that new picture of you! Nice shot…..

      I always find opening up a door and running out works better and faster than shouting anything – even better than ASAP (although I never heard any one ever
      yell, ASAP!)
      But that’s just me. I’m funny that way.


  5. Randy, I’ve known people from Goa. I don’t know if any of them have jumped into the sea yelling like that, but I suppose it’s possible. I don’t think I’ll inquire though as I might get some strange looks as they back away. Funny stuff and well done. 🙂 —Susan

  6. I wish I have a funny bone and write limericks. But alas, I don’t So I get to enjoy others’. I love the movie, Groundhog’s Day. Life is like that sometimes, waking up to the same every morning. 🙂


    • It’s the same thing everyday that gives us orientation and grounding. Without it, life would be terrifying. It’s our sense of seeing the new in the old, I think, which makes life so interesting.

      BTW -I used to buy my “Funny Bones” at our local supermarket. A company called Drakes does or did make them.


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