The New Moonlit Beach: Five Sentence Fiction

It’s not always good to mess with magic. Luminous illusions have a way of eluding us in the dark of night…

Lillie McFerrin posts a “Five Sentence Fiction” prompt.

This week it is: Luminous

reprinted from Lillie McFerrin. : "Source"

reprinted from Lillie McFerrin. : “Source”


A New Moonlit Beach

It was supposed to be an illusion.

I, the Great and Mighty Gantry the Magician, was supposed to make the moon spin around in the sky.

Instead, as you can see, it has fallen onto the beach.

Beautiful, shining, and magical in its own right, I, Gantry, now realize that I had no right to have attempted what I did, and I feel wretched in that I do not know if I can rectify the damage.

If I have disappointed you, my loyal fans, in any manner whatsoever, please accept my deepest regrets and an immediate refund of your admission to tonight’s event; however, feel free to stay if you so choose, as I attempt to resurrect the moon to its rightful place – and should I fail, please enjoy strolling along our resplendent new moonlit beach, with my compliments, of course.

Randy Mazie


18 thoughts on “The New Moonlit Beach: Five Sentence Fiction

  1. This was a very interesting and unique interpretation — I’ve enjoyed it very much. And it leaves me wondering … will Gantry succeed? Things to think about …. things to think about. ๐Ÿ™‚

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