My Hero: Five Sentence Fiction

We all have outward appearances we want to portray to the world, but the gap between who we are and how we want to appear to be to others, sometimes can be too much…

Lillie McFerrin posts a “Five Sentence Fiction” prompt.
This week it is: Secure

reprinted from Lillie  McFerrin

reprinted from Lillie McFerrin

My Hero

My hero is “Leo the Lion” March, the most famous of all cats, and there he is in that mirror.
When Mr. March enters a room he is so self-confident, handsome, and interesting.
While I’m so self-conscious, fearful, and tongue-tied .
All my cat friends, knowing how I worship Leo, tease me calling me “Little Leo the Lamb”, but one day, like my hero, I’ll walk into a room like Mr. March, coming in like a lion.

But I still worry that I’ll just go out like a lamb.

Randy Mazie


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