I Placed a Ha Inside Your Envelope

This man grabbed some laughter and the results were…see for yourself.

a lot of ha's in a row (pic by Randy Mazie - street graffiti)

a lot of ha’s in a row
(pic by Randy Mazie – street graffiti)

I Placed a Ha Inside Your Envelope

I placed a ha inside your envelope,
But it flew out.

So I grabbed another piece of laughter,
And sternly lectured it to stay inside.
But it laughed at me,
and flew away,
which made me giggle.

This time I grabbed a bunch of laughs,
and shoved them all inside the envelope,
but the front and back began to pop in and out.

So I looked inside and watched
all the ha’s bouncing around inside the envelope,
having a good time, laughing, having fun.

I told them to stop it or else I could not mail them to you,
And they had better settle down right now.

They stuck their tongues out at me, as playful children do.
So I plucked at their tongues.
I meant it playfully, truly,
but stunned, their laughter stopped.
A few were sad,
And I became sad, too.

One by one, shoulders slumped,
the laughter left the envelope.
One remained, lingering, watching me
shed a slow tear.

The last laugh
told me not to cry,
saying all would be well,

and told me to just
your envelope
with a kiss

From me.


Randy Mazie

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