The Running Student App – Revisited

If you haven’t read yesterday’s post entitled, “The Running Buddha App (or, what is the sound of enough?)” please do, as this is the sequel to it. Click here to fast track to it.

pic by Randy Mazie

pic by Randy Mazie

The Running Student App

Frank closed The Running Buddha App thinking maybe Bud was right.

Maybe the problem is asking too many questions.
Maybe life is all about running. We run from the moment we’re born until we die. We’re constantly running towards or away from something. We never truly stay still.

Even in sleep, our minds are running.

The best we can do then is to focus on that movement.
Be here now running (breathe out). My mantra (breathe in). Be here now running.

Bud was right.

With that, Bud, satisfied that his novice had gotten it, shut off his Running Student App making Frank now disappear.

Randy Mazie

*Bud’s Aphorism:
Bud always said that, “If a book falls on your head, you only have your shelf to blame.”


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