The Player: The Sunday Whirl “Wordle”

The Sunday Whirl invites writers to write a poem or short prose using some or all of the “wordle’s” 12 word. This week it is:

The Player
It was a phase,
        Mother prayed.
He’s a player.
        Father praised
The level to which his
        Son had raised
The game. This present approach
        with his new-found
Coach was the key.
        His fans surmised.
Over and over, they pointed.
        They cried,
“Don’t you see? Can’t you see?
        The glint in his eye!”
His focused approach,
        like a single grain grown
into a powerful stalk,
        was the essence
of their talk. Was that
        the key?
Attach yourself
        to a coach
and scratch away
        everything else.
Randy Mazie


14 thoughts on “The Player: The Sunday Whirl “Wordle”

  1. Thanks for your delightful comment on Soul’s Music this morning. I would agree that we could all use a coach or mentor when we finally find our “path”. But, eventually, we must also leave that one behind or risk never finding our own true level of skill and ability. As Jae has already suggested, it is just as important to find that coach or mentor within our own person. That is when the real journey actually begins. Well written and easily related to, thank you.


    • Thanks for you comments.
      I think a coach is just that. A coach. Someone who helps you bring out the best in you. Helps you to realize or obtain a new level or insight. But we are always our own person. Just because we accept assistance, doesn’t lessen who we are as people.
      But here’s another thought. Are we ever truly independent of others.Aren’t we always interdependent; and even dependent, too. I know I do not exist solely on my own – and I am grateful for all upon whom i am reliant. Just a thought or two.

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