Break on Through to the Other Side: VisDare 32: Undecided

What if you had a glass following you around all the time? What would you do?

VisDare at Anonymous Legacy – 150 word story to accompany the visual prompt.

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reposted from Anonymous Legacy BlogSpot (

Break on Through to the Other Side

What’s up with this? Everywhere I go there’s this glass. It haunts me. It follows me. I turn, it’s there. I sleep, it’s there. I wake up, it’s there. When I speak, the glass seems to multiply, and like soap bubbles, it spews out from mouth and marches off my lips in a Peter Max-like bizarre fashion parade.

It would be funny, except that I see myself reflected in the glass with this sort of split-level face. Something out of a Batman comic book.

What’s with all this? I’m like Alice through the looking glass. Or, like people who live in glass houses, maybe. Or, like that old maxim of smooth as glass… I don’t get it.

Wait. It’s a tumbler. Tumbling Dice? Stones? What is up with this glass? I don’t even drink, so why is it there? Why is it after me?

Leave me alone!

Better take another Xanax and settle my nerves a bit… nothing to really panic about, at least not in a few minutes…

Randy Mazie


5 thoughts on “Break on Through to the Other Side: VisDare 32: Undecided

  1. The message of the glass…tumbler…holder of drinks…prism. I like your surmising because I always look for meaning in odd things around me. Not that a glass follows me. But for quite a few years I felt like the woman seeing herself through the distorting glass. Always enjoy your style of writing and sense of humor. Also a curiosity in this story that is much enjoyed.

  2. By an odd coincidence, I’m reading Through the Looking Glass. This is really deep and well thought out, Randy. It makes me sad to see you haven’t posted in so long. I hope everything is okay. I’ve missed your sense of humor and your passion for life, which is why I was here. Glad I found this slice of the latter. Cheers! ~ Annie

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