Bee-tle Mania – Friday Sting-tioneers

Kisses may be sweeter than wine, but hooch as sweet as honey? Read more about these two moonshine country cousins…

Friday Fictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.

This week it’s: whatever you want it to BEE!

Copyright - Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast

Bee-tle Mania

Clem. Wake up.
Wuz up, cuz?
I think Grover’s stuff is here.
That new hooch he made?
Muss be, Clem. He said the stuff was sweet as honey.
Weeelll, who’d a-thought he’d have a bee deliver it in a funny-lookin’ Mason jar?
Woo-whee! I bet that has some sting to it!
Hee-haw. You made a funny, Clem. Didn’t you?
Yup. That bee looks like it’s from out-a space.
Weelll, if it is from out-a space, muss be some real mooooonnnn-shine!
Cuz, you made a funny, too.
Hee-haw. I shuuurrrr did.
If we’re this much funnin’ now, wait’ll we get some of that bee-tle juice in us.
Hoo-whee, we’re two funny guys.

strange tales from The Secret Life of Bees
Chapter 0ne: Making and Drinking Stingers
Chapter Two: Getting a Buzz On

Randy B. Mazie


31 thoughts on “Bee-tle Mania – Friday Sting-tioneers

    • Thanks.
      Arkansas, huh? If I knew where it was, I might try to fit in.
      What’s it like in Arkansas? Hey, wasn’t that the state that Bill was governor of?
      Did he leave any available women left for the rest of y’all?

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