Taking Pictures is No Easy Task: Wednesday Pictioneers

No, wait, sorry. I meant Friday Fictioneers. No. I didn’t mean that either. This week it’s actually Non-Fiction dears…

Friday Fictioneers – it’s not just for Fridays. It’s any time that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week should have been a stand up piece but as you can see from the picture…

Janet Webb wrote (see link here) to me last week stating:

…That (referring to the guard having to pee) and having way too much time to think would be major problems. As for genre, maybe you should only list it if it isn’t humor. 🙂

This is dedicated to her.

And so this week it is: Serious Non-fiction

copyright - Indira by way of Scott Vanatter

copyright – Indira by way of Scott Vanatter

Taking pictures is no easy task

Parked alongside the road, she sneaked a few shots of the foliage.

Having forgotten she was on a blind curve, the bus grazed her without stopping.

Unharmed and grateful, she looked at her camera. A fuzzy plate number appeared.

Shooting pictures for “This, That, and the Other” was horribly dangerous, Janet Webb concluded. Too many close calls on railroad tracks, shooting up at domes or down over ledges at staircases, standing on rocks at the shore. She grimaced remembering shooting pork slices while the Thai chef wielded the silver knife and how close her nose was on his down stroke.

Randy Mazie


67 thoughts on “Taking Pictures is No Easy Task: Wednesday Pictioneers

  1. Oh, that was wonderful, darling — non-fiction this may be, but one of my initial thoughts for the story was from the POV of the photographer — an inept fellow with a horrible sense of timing!

    • Photographers are short sighted, I guess you would say (unless they’re using long distance lenses).
      But with Janet, I would suggest you leave my-opic, your-opic, and her-opic out of the t-opic or else we’ll all be seeing t-rubble.

  2. Dear Randy,

    I’m glad this wasn’t too negative but am a little filmy on the plot. We must talk to Janet about snap judgment. She could’ve lost by a nose.

    Glad you warned me that this was serious non-fiction. One of your best.



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