The Lie: The Sunday Whirl “Wordle”

What corporate lies we must believe
when thirst for oil makes us achieve…

The Sunday Whirl invites writers to write a poem or short prose using some or all of the “wordle’s” 12 word. This week it is:


The Lie

Complex pipelines crisscross this country
As people –
       the classes and masses,
Insist that they must have their gases.
The mess –
       and the loss of the moss,
By corporate tracks of attacks in our forest,
With pale files citing answers of manifest
Destiny lying at the core and the edge,
It’s still –
       only a wedge from a dredge.

Randy Mazie


22 thoughts on “The Lie: The Sunday Whirl “Wordle”

      • I returned on Thursday evening (late) from a cruise to the Bahamas and the hammock i was in down there enticed me to get ours back up. I was able to get comfortable enough to take a short snooze. Usually when i do I am nearly worthless when i wake.

        • nice to take a cruise. i usually get sick on them (not sea sick but flu sick) so I’m not going anymore.. Glad you got some time away and hammock time. Are you here in Florida? I’m in Davie (West Ft. Lauderdale), so cruising is too easy.

          • Unfortunately, no. I live in a small town in Virginia. We had an interminable 14 hour ride on a chartered bus. On the way down last Saturday night I got maybe seventy minutes of sleep. When we rode back up Thursday it was day time, so I spent the entire time reading Friday Fictioneers and writing my own.

  1. It is heartening that so many bloggers care for the environment. Hopefully the pen will prove mightier that the sword. Just a pity about governments though.

    • don’t hang your head in shame, we all pretty much are stuck in the masses, but when you can throw a stone. Write your congressman or senator and tell him or her how it upsets you – or a letter to a major oil company or a pipeline company.

      It only takes about 10 minutes – the time it takes to read a few posts. Or check out a few org’s that try to have some clout like, adbusters, or even the tamer ones like the sierra club or the nature converservancy. Randy

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