Thoughts from Guard Duty: Friday Guardeneers

Ever wonder what a guard thinks about while they’re on duty…

Friday Fictioneers – it’s not just for Fridays. It’s any time that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about. This week be on guard though.
This week it’s: humor

copyright -Managua Gunn

copyright -Managua Gunn

Thoughts from Guard Duty

I’m dying. It’s four hours. Where the hell is the next shift?

First days back are always tough – but worse if you partied all weekend.

I can’t hold it much longer. I should have gone before I started duty, but I was already late.

And this job doesn’t allow jumping up and down in order to hold it in. I was hoping I’d sweat it out, but it’s too cool today. Where the hell is that next shift already?

I might be the first guard ever to pee their pants. Probably not, but it’s still gonna be a huge embarrassment.

Randy Mazie


52 thoughts on “Thoughts from Guard Duty: Friday Guardeneers

  1. More like peeing out of necessity than being scared. Then again, being scared would initiate the “other” reaction! Good stuff, Randy!

  2. Oops! What with the constant reminder of water (the sea in the pic), it’s hard to resist the temptation to take a quick leak. Hahahahah 😀 😀
    Funny story!

  3. Dear Randy,

    Having stood many such long watches, I feel compelled to let you in on a secret…

    You see those tall boots? There’s a form fitting cup and a hose that splits and runs down both legs. No one ever knows.



  4. And now he’s thought it, he’ll have to go. How about incontinence pads for guard duty? Apparently that’s what the UK royals use deal with the problem of sitting though long occasions.

  5. Great idea, have often wondered how they manage. I am also wondering where Sarah Ann got the info about our Royal Family wearing incontinence pads….. fascinating

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