Rose Was Aroused When She Rose: Limerick-Off Monday

Rose was aroused when she rose
But when that was nobody knows
Just like sleeping beauty
A kiss on her booty
may rouse Rose from her over doze.

Limerick Rose (Limerick-Off Monday) of MAD KANE’S HUMOR BLOG challenges readers to write, obviously: LIMERICKS!

public image - pink rose

public image – pink rose

A woman quite often arose
In a suitable amorous pose
Her husband would greet her,
“Mi hot senoriter.
One quickie, then I’ll adios.”


A woman quite often arosé
Striking an amorous posé
José, her esposo
Would never say, “No.” So
She’d start everyday with Olé!”

Randy Mazie


6 thoughts on “Rose Was Aroused When She Rose: Limerick-Off Monday

    • and I lost my art a long time ago…
      and I’m not sure if it was visual arts or mental…
      certainly not martial… and I didn’t lose my art in San Francisco, either.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Feel free to fry back any time.

  1. her petals are soft, full and thick
    but careful, you guys, it’s a trick
    the thing with this cutie
    is beneath all that beauty
    you’ll find she’s equipped with a prick

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