Smoke On. Smoke Off. (Cough. Cough.).

If you smoke, try to quit.
If you don’t, don’t try it.
Once it controls you, you’ll never control it.

Mad Kane’s Humor Blog recently had a reference to the World No Tobacco Day (May 31st) and a limerick call.

the smoking man who was

the smoking man who was

On Smoking

There once was a man in a room
Who would smoke and would choke and consume
Scads of cigarette packs –
Of cough, he wheezes and hacks –
And denies he’s inhaling his doom.


There once was a smoker named Seth,
Who couldn’t take in a clear breath.
He’d cough and he’d wheeze,
And fall to his knees,
Disbelieving he’s inhaling DEATH.

Randy Mazie

If you need help to quit smoking, call or attend a meeting of:
Nicotine Anonymous (for meetings near you, click here) or contact your local hospitals/health department or local chapters of the American Cancer Society, Heart or Lung Association.


11 thoughts on “Smoke On. Smoke Off. (Cough. Cough.).

  1. when my dad had his first heart attack, I drove like mad to be at his side, arriving late in the night.
    In the ICU, in an oxygen tent with monitors and tubes all about he grabbed an envelope and scribbled a note to me.

    What was it, a will, for once a note of affection ? I took it with trembling hands.

    It read, I wish I had a smoke.

    • Wow. Great, sad story. Your dad was, unfortunately, a true smoker! What they do to themselves – and then to those all around them – loved ones, and those who simply breathe near them. Very sad.

      Then I get angry with the tobacco companies, and the lobbyists, and the politicians,… sorry Bill, I got myself started again. Don’t mean to detract from your poignant and personal story.

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