FTM: A Transgender Sonnet… The Sunday Whirl “Wordle”

A difficult subject; a plethora of emotions and thoughts and opinions. Gender and sexuality and love and what is right and what is true is very messy… and requires time, patience, understanding, and a hope and faith in doing the best you can and doing what is right for everyone concerned.

The Sunday Whirl blog invites writers to write a poem or short prose using some or all of the “wordle’s” 12 word. This week it is:13-05-26 wordle

FTM*: A Transgender Sonnet

I was born with a heart that would not yield
The fertile layers which made me whole:
An art of subtle strokes ranged through a field;
A female born with a young boy’s soul.

The door of gender needed to be close’d,
As I am set to follow my beam,
The girl’s body soon to be dispose’d,
So I am free’d to be that which I am.

My parents felt the currents in me rise.
No phrase nor phase that they could disconnect,
Nor scandal, as they came to realize,
The male that I am, they would respect.

No parents hope their daughter will grow up to be a boy;
But every parent only wants their child be blessed with joy.

Randy Mazie

*female to male


12 thoughts on “FTM: A Transgender Sonnet… The Sunday Whirl “Wordle”

  1. We often want to be one in a million but when that event occurs the difficulties can be enormous. Let’s hope that those that go through this can live loving fulfilling lives without prejudice.

  2. How very sensitive of you, Randy! It’s a lose-lose situation. If he doesn’t fight it, he’s treated like a girl, and if he does, he’ll be treated like a trans-gender. Treatments are expensive, as well as emotionally and physically taxing. One of my friends was MTF. She gave up the fight and it really broke my heart to see her give up, but at the same time, I could see how hard it was for her. Good for you opening up your arms this way!

    • I have been reading about support groups – and how important they are and can be for the person going through this and for the families. Yes, what an emotionally charged and pervasive decision and process. God bless anyone and everyone living through this – though the outlook looks better and healthier as time goes on.

  3. I love your ending, because in the end that’s what we parents want for our children…joy. I applaud the support your parents gave.

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