Deeper In Red Ink: Limerinks (Oops! Did I Misspell That?)

I had to share these…

Limerick Ink (Limerick-Off Monday) of MAD KANE’S HUMOR BLOG which I have posted here on Tuesday NOW WEDNESDAY (but on her site on Sunday – so go figure) challenges readers to write, obviously: LIMERICKS!
This week’s suggested first lines have to do with RED INK!
red ink
Here, reposted with permission from the authors, are three of my favorites:

Will T. Laughlin wrote:

I’m changing my name to “Will, Inc.”
As a corporate person, I think
I can do as I please:
Pay no taxes or fees,
And take dumps in the water you drink.



The octopus uses its ink;
The skunk, its incredible stink.
But when *I’m* threatened, I
Soil my trousers and cry –
And it works twice as well as you’d think.


And Fred Bortz wrote:

A limerick written in ink
Requires the writer to think.
If instead, he just scribbles
There’s bound to be quibbles:
Both meter and rhyming will stink.

Fred has also asked that, in addition to the link above his limerick, you also visit his “booksby” page (




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Have some fun...

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