Scattered Hope: The Sunday Whirl “Wordle” on Monday

There were graven images, idols and statues, monoliths and icons, and now drones…

The Sunday Whirl blog invites writers to write a poem or short prose using some or all of the “wordle’s” 12 word.

Scattered Hope

Here is this drone
Casting a binding vow,
Circling the sun.

Out of our caves
We come,
glancing heavenward.

Mouths aghast,
We begin to chant,
Hoping that spring

Will resurrect itself,
But no,
This earth, this space, is harsh.

We shake our fists
As the weather
Grows against us.

We crook our necks
Low, and broken,
And hope to never to raise

Our hopes again.

Randy Mazie


8 thoughts on “Scattered Hope: The Sunday Whirl “Wordle” on Monday

    • On Mondays and back to work – none. Catch me on Friday! 😉 Randy
      BTW thanks for visiting, reading, thinking, and commenting.
      I appreciate it a lot. Randy

      Just visited both of your sites and like your writing and have just become a “follower”.
      Your limericks are fun, inventive, and “hot”
      and the Sunday Whirl i just read was excellent –
      the following line was extremely powerful:
      “Death presents an equal face”

Have some fun...

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