The Senior Center Dances: Five Sentence Fiction

Ginger and Fred still live.
That is, Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire for you youngsters…

Lillie McFerrin posts a “Five Sentence Fiction” prompt.
This week it is: SHADOWS

The Senior Center Dances

William smiled as he looked forward to seeing Rose every Wednesday afternoon at the senior center without her husband Hardee being there; though William was also ashamed of how his anticipation stirred so many pleasing emotions he had not felt for so many years.

Aside from Hardee being a gloomy sort, a sourpuss, Rose loved to dance and Hardee would never offer to take her out on the dance floor.

William was always ready to oblige her, and would, in the grandest manner he could muster, try to sweep her off her feet after bowing to her, offering his hand in escort, and complimenting her on how wonderful she looked that day and every Wednesday.

She would whisper in his ear, “You dance as divinely as Fred” to which he would breathe the word “Ginger” slowly back into her ear, and she’d shiver and coo “ooh” like the loving dove she would transform into.

He would walk her out when the dance had ended, parting ways at the brick wall along Grand Avenue, returning to their separate lives and separate homes, but not severing their consensually intertwined shadows, continuing their dance, lingerers along the wall along Grand.

Randy Mazie


14 thoughts on “The Senior Center Dances: Five Sentence Fiction

    • not evil. I’m sure the thought passes through all of us from time to time. William I assume is no different. At least we harbor thoughts that if things were different, we would all pluck our roses 😉

  1. Hehe I love the shadows dancing in the picture 🙂 inspirational post too..haven’t seen the word sourpuss in such a long time too. Refreshing vocab.

    • I would love for you to write what you would like your life to be like once you get really old – and then post it for all of us to read. I would like to step into your vision of the last years of life.

      Thank you, BTW I liked your story left comments on your page

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