Operant Conditioning: Libraries, Levers, and Men – Friday Fibtioneers

B. F. Skinner had it right…

Friday Fictioneers
– Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts a pic to write a 100 word story about.
This week it’s: humor

Copyright-Claire Fuller

Copyright-Claire Fuller


Operant Conditioning: Libraries, Levers, and Men

You don’t even read books.

I know. That’s what’s great about it.


See this hidden lever?


Watch what happens.

Wait, I’m going to the other side of the room.


I know you. A trap door in the floor will open and I’ll fall through it.

Naw. But close.

Then what?

This fake library wall swings away and we’ve got this great sequestered Man Cave for us to hang out in with all the beer we can drink, 100 inch screen projector, super plush chairs, pool table…

Okay. Okay. Shut up already and pull the damn lever.

Randy Mazie


79 thoughts on “Operant Conditioning: Libraries, Levers, and Men – Friday Fibtioneers

  1. Those poor men (or at least the one who doesn’t read.) Whether you meant it or not, it’s a sad commentary on one slice of our culture. And I like watching sports and having a Guinness.


  2. I think there is a sub-culture (almost ) that has arisen.There are readers and watchers. Avid readers take little time for movies and TV (that doesnt mean they dont watch some stuff) Avid watchers jump on the couch pretty regularly to watch the long list of their regular shows and then have to plan in the extra stuff (and they do have a book or two they read)

  3. haha interesting. loved the twist. this could very well be the solution for relationships or marriages where one prefers to read and the other prefers to drink beer , watch some tv and just chill. not a bad idea at all.

  4. Reminds me of the show I watched about Penn (of Penn and Teller’s) home. Really a magicians home – almost as good as living in a building that was once a library, but that was a different house show. Enjoy your man cave!!

  5. Dear Randy,
    I’m thinking about remodeling with a bookcase for a door. My woman cave would have a computer, wine and lots more bookshelves. I could read and write to my heart’s content without being found. 😉
    Fun story. Setting my comments on the shelf now.

  6. Hi Randy
    What a unique take on the prompt. I think you can rest assured that no one else is going to write anything remotely similar! I’d like a man-cave too (or a non-gender-specific-cave) but I’d probably just fill it with more books (ok, maybe some beer too).
    I had to google operant conditioning, so I’ve had a lesson in behaviour modification too!
    All this for the price of 100 words. Great value 🙂

    • No one will write anything remotely similar? Most old comedy duo’s had sketches like with revolving doors. It is a sort of comedic staple.

      Glad you learned about about operant conditioning. Here’s a treat for looking it up – so when i write something else that you may not know about, you’ll look it up again knowing that you’ll get another treat.

      What a treat this site is!!!!!!

    • I like the way you think.

      but I also think you’re friends with my wife, so let me just say thi:s we would never consider porn or sexual parties in the man cave. No drugs, nothing illicit or illegal. We’re good boys, ma’am, just minding our own business, spending the day with other guys, just hanging out, doing manly stuff. Unnerstand>

      Thanks fer yer suggestions, but no thanks.

      Clem. Look up pole dancers on the ‘net, would ya?

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