A Booty Urn Shot: Julia’s Place 100WCGU

A booty shot can be a boo-tiful thing or the end of your earned urn income…

What is 100WCGU? Each week Julia’s Place has a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture. You have 100 words in order to write a creative piece.

This week’s prompt is:

A Booty Urn Shot

With camera in hand
I bend to shoot close.
I’m a quiet person;
Not very verbose.

I shoot in museums,
Vases front and astern,
And that is the way
My living I earn.

Except for the day
when I shot and I cough’t,
and my rump hit the stand
and an urn went aloft.

Now whatever I earn
I apply to the urn;
And I shoot on my knees
Rather than stick out my stern.

Here’s a lesson that
You can learn, too.
A booty urn shot’s
not a hot rendezvous.

Randy Mazie


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