The Phantom Robot: Phantom Phriday Phictioneer

I am a fan, he’s a fan, she’s a fan – wouldn’t you like to be a fan-tom, too?

Phriday Phictioneers – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields has posted a phantom pic to write a phantom 100 word story – if you’re phantom-tastic.

This week it’s: Phantom Humor

pic by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

pic by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The Phantom Robot

Prove that I am not a robot? Ha.

These earthlings are so stupid.

Little do they know that the code “1gibnai 112” signifies the beginning of the invasion of Earth.

We use their own words against them. That is the greatest irony.

They ask us to prove that we are not robots. But we are.

We are an advanced robot army using their “Prove you’re not a robot” as a phonetic sounding of keywords in our language for us to communicate.

Silly stupid humans.

If you believe this, please type “2 disintegr 8” and then press like.

Randy Mazie


42 thoughts on “The Phantom Robot: Phantom Phriday Phictioneer

  1. You have a clever sense of humor. I know many have been thrown by this inclusion in the prompt. On Rochelle’s blog there is another picture of a horse holding a water hose. We would love to see what you create from that.

  2. I normally don’t read blogs that haven’t figured out how to disable the ‘Impolitechas’ but figured I’d give you a break just this once. I hate those things. Not reader friendly at all. Those with Blogspot ought to flogged on the spot for not switching to WordPress. I know, because I made the jump.



  3. Cute take on the Captcha picture, Randy. Those at whom I aimed it missed it entirely. At least you made a fun story out of it. Heaves heavy sigh and moves on. Hosanna…rah rah rah.
    shalom and a happy pesach,

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