of Thee i sing: 100WCGU

What is it that will stop this madness?
This quick slide into extinction…

Julia’s Place 100WCGU: Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture. Mix in up to 100 words with the prompt words.

The prompt is:
…despite the pounding in my head…
(This week a poem pounded in my head)

of Thee i sing

of Thee i sing

of Thee i sing

Despite the pounding in my head,
Despite the fracking in the ground
Despite the waters heaped with lead
Despite what good there might be found

Despite the tears that drift down cheeks
Despite the rising temperature
Despite the melting glacier peaks
Despite what little may assure

Despite the lack of urgency
Despite the loss of resources
Despite the hopes of you and me
Despite collective recourses

Our world is cleft from Thee,
Bereft by Liberty…

Randy Mazie


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