My Pet Snails: VisDare 10

After my wife left me, I decided to open up an escargot breeding farm.
I worked at a snail’s pace…

VisDare at Anonymous Legacy – 150 word story to accompany the visual prompt: Whimsy?

Reposted from VisDare 10

Reposted from VisDare 10

My Pet Snails

My therapist said I was a type “A” personality. I was always on the go. Rushing all around. Never taking the time to stop and smell the roses.

She told me to get a pet; something to help me to focus on slowing down.

So I got a couple of snails. Nice slow pet to remind me relax.

Except they’ve multiplied and I’ve wound up with thousands of snails.

So now I’m now rushing around all the time trying to gather them up and put them back in their aquarium, or in boxes, and always feeding them, and cleaning up after them, and I’m crazed.

My wife says she’s leaving me.

I proposed going for marital counseling,

She says she would, except she’s worried it’ll only end up being a shell game.

I’m not sure what she meant by that.

Randy Mazie


8 thoughts on “My Pet Snails: VisDare 10

  1. LOL!! That last line really clinches it. I love how your POV character feels so justified in his actions, even though he’s just swapped one set of problems for a bigger – albeit a whimsical – one. Great spin on the prompt! Love it!!

  2. Now was it the therapist’s fault? I suspect whatever pet your MC had ended up with, he’d have ended up chasing round after it/ them. Great story.

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