Mini Ha-Ha’s

Time for little laughs…

Mini Ha-Ha’s

Native Tongue: That has to be the one inside my mouth.

Dream Job: Sleep walking?

Bipolar Disorder: First north, then south; or is south first?

Sleight of Hand: A Munchkin greeting

Selected Shorts: The underwear that I put on this morning.

Fast Company: A five-minute visit

They are Inseparable: Siamese twins

Self-critical: I hate myself when I think that I might do that.

Self-aware: I thought I’d do it, so I did it.

Unaware: Did I do that? Are you sure?

Natural Gas Company: Don’t look at me

Organizing the Resistance: Obstinate chaos?

Museum of Modern Art: If it’s modern art, why is it in a museum?

Fracking: Who the F*** ever came up with that one?

Crosswords: unpleasant discussions (46 down)

Truth in Advertising: You figure that one out!


Have some fun...

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