Kisses: continued

To be read aloud, slowly, endured, and with hot breath…

pic by Randy Mazie - Holocaust Museum, Miami Beach, Fl

pic by Randy Mazie – Holocaust Museum, Miami Beach, Fl


The Nazis blew
Six million goodbye kisses
Into the gas chambers.
One small kiss
betrayed God.
Who can ever know the fullness
Of a kiss?
Marilyn Monroe blew kisses
And committed suicide.
Great men: Gandhi, JFK, RFK, and millions more
Got bullet kissed.
Some get hot red kisses that stay smudged on a cheek all night long.
The kiss you don’t get to wipe away that easily.
The kiss that mocks you.
The one that laughs right in your face.
The kiss that ceases to exist
Before your lips ever get to meet.
The kiss that will surprise you.
The kiss that makes your eyes open wide.
The kiss that leaves you wanting one more.
The kiss that makes you wish
That you had not been kissed at all,
Or ever kissed again.
The kiss that never happened; the kiss of denial.
The winner’s kiss.
The kiss of the second best.
The kiss kissed up to heaven;
The taste of the marinara sauce fingers-to-puckered lips kiss.
The kiss you never got.
The kiss that will never come back.
The kiss of reunion;
And the kiss of bliss; the kiss of commingling.
The kiss of union.
The kiss that laughs in death’s face.
The kiss of irony.
The kiss of joy, and of laughter, and of pain.
The kiss that accompanies sorrow.
The kiss of compassion.
The kiss of aloneness. The kiss of despair.
The kiss of assurance. The kiss of kindness.
That first kiss. That last kiss.
The kiss that lasts.

The last ever kiss.

Randy Mazie


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