Some Kisses are Divine

You must remember this – a kiss is still a kiss…
The fundamental things apply – as time goes by (“As Time Goes By” music and words by Herman Hupfeld)

Inspired Julia’s Place who was inspired by by The Daily Post challenge of KISS:

from Bing search public domain image

from Bing Search – public domain image

Some Kisses are Divine

Lips close enough so we
Inhale each other’s soul’s warm breath:
This kiss before the kiss.

Our eyes seek, and speak in
Love’s most precious ways, to reach,
Immersed, inside that gaze.

Then, and only then, do
These lips meet; sweep mouth’s sweet flesh,
To part again to breathe, and

Rushing back with darting
Tongue to catch the corporeal soul,
And finally to seal

Love’s lips; and
Upon the whole
completing it.

Randy Mazie


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