The Ozz Vase: Reason2Rhyme Poetry Prompt

Hmmm. What’s this in here? Munchkins? Lollipop kids?

kbnelson’s Reason2Rhyme Poetry Prompt…
You pick up an antique vase at a sale, but when you get it home, you find a secret inside. Write a poem or mini-story incorporating the discovery.

from Karen B. nelson

from Karen B. nelson

The Ozz Vase

You may pronounce it vase
And go about your ways,
But I pronounce it vase
And this one is from Oz.

And once you lift the lid
You’ll wonder what you did.
A twisty wind will blow
An unexpected show.

No wicked witch will fall.
There is no witch at all.
No Dorothy will call
Her Toto down the hall.

The Sabbath will be black.
The noise will send you back.
The kids are dressed in black.
The eighties will be back.

The vase you then will drop
Will be a malaprop:

It’s the Blizzard of Ozz.
Put the lid on the vase!

Randy Mazie

Help for some of you….
I born, you born,
It’s an ozzie osbourne.


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