Jesus at a Doorway II

If Jesus came to your door, would you be ready?

pic by R. Mazie;
mural – unknown from Lake Placid, Florida

Jesus at a Doorway II

Rosie, answer the door!
Ma, I’m not dressed. I’m doing my hair.
Well, someone let him in!
I’m playing my game. I can’t stop now.
Joe, get the door.
I’m in the bathroom.
Oh hell, I’ll be right down. Just let me thrown on my robe.

It’s you. We were just getting ready to come adore you.
Lord, you’ve come to visit us?
The light that’s shining all around you –
It’s so heavenly.
I feel light and all aglow.
Please, Lord, sit down.
Let me get you a drink or better still
May I wash your feet with my hair and
Anoint you with fragrance and oil?

My family?
They’re here. but if you wish me to leave and follow you, I will.
My husband? I’m sure he’ll mind.
Won’t he feel like I’ve run off with another man?
Probably. But my heart is pure and I am not worried.
I am ready to follow you, Lord
May I tell him and my children that I am going.
It won’t be necessary?
They’ll know in their hearts where I am?
And they can follow when they’re ready to answer the door?

Then, yes, I‘m ready.
Lead me, Lord.
Funny how as I step out into the light
      I am hearing the doorbell at my house ringing once again.

Randy Mazie


16 thoughts on “Jesus at a Doorway II

        • I can’t help but wonder that you think that the truth of his life is different from what we read of it in the gospels?
          I think the minutiae may not be accurate or reveal all the aspects of his life but the principles and truths are his.

          • I wonder what his (or His) truth is, and would like to know it. I believe it would differ in surprising ways from the gospels, after all they weren’t written by Jesus, but by his followers, who may have colored their writings with their own interpretations, and experiences. I imagine John might remember the sermon on the mount differently than Jesus, for example. It would be a most powerful discussion, I think.

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