Every Time is the First Time: Five Sentence Fiction

Love is eternally young…

Lillie McFerrin posts a “Five Sentence Fiction” prompt.
This week it is: Cherish

Lillie McFerrin pic

Lillie McFerrin pic

Every Time is the First Time

They are my parents, and yes, you are right to say that there is no way that they could be my parents as they are children.

It was sixty years ago, and my parents are gone now, but the love that they had for each other continues to live on in my heart, and in my memory, and I hope from them through me to my own children.

You see, each of them said that they felt like children with each other.

They made each other feel young; as young as the sunlight and just as eternally warming – and even a little giddy.

Dad always brought mom flowers, and mom always loved to feign blushing humility, and then whisper “awww” in dad’s ear as if it was the first time he had ever given them to her.

Randy Mazie


36 thoughts on “Every Time is the First Time: Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Through 58 years of marriage, my parents always held hands. When she got sick, my mom was taken care of day and night by my father. He wouldn’t accept any outside help. She’s been gone 12 years now. Most days he spends sitting in his faded old lounge chair, waiting to be reunited with her. Love is eternal!

  2. This a beautiful tribute to your parents, well written and extremely thoughtful. I love how their love for each other was forever eternal and how young they made each other feel. Very uplifting. xx

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