Stanley Sees the Light: VisDare 7

There are keys, and then there are keys… then, there are doors, too.

VisDare at Anonymous Legacy
– 150 word story to accompany the visual prompt:


Stanley Sees the Light

Ollie, look at this beautiful key.
Stanley, go ahead and open it.
Ollie, you open it. I just think it’s a beautiful key.
Stanley, you didn’t bring me here just to look at a key?
Did you ever notice how few doors actually have keys left inside the keyhole?
Stanley, stop wasting my time.
I’m not. I’m simply saying that people rarely notice how few doors ever have keys left in them.
Stanley, open up this door now or I’m leaving.
Suit yourself, Ollie.
I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I’m going through it.

Stanley flings open the door. He is immediately bathed in a wondrously seraphic light. He becomes starry eyed; his entire demeanor changes. He is imbued with an aura of happiness and bliss.

Stanley, are you okay?
I think I’ve seen the light, Ollie.
Well, Stanley, I guess the key to enlightenment also comes through doors.

Randy Mazie


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