What Matters: 100WCGU

You know what really matters and you don’t need a precept to point the way – or a hemorrhage either.

What is Julia’s Place 100WCGU? Each week there is a prompt: a few connected words, a selection of individual words or a picture. Mix in up to 100 words with the prompt words.

The prompt is:
…beneath the surface…

google search public domain image

google search public domain image

What Matters

“I’ve heard these things before. They mean nothing.”

He litanized the maxims:
“What you see is what you get
No one can see what’s in your heart
Beauty’s only skin deep
First impressions are important.”

Shevatal whispered to his horse, Rosweena, “You are the only thing that matters.”
He kissed the roan, swung up onto the saddle, and the horse took off. Shevatal fell.
He whistled to his steed, but the horse kept going.

Ultimately, we are alone, Shevatal philosophized. That is the only truth.

Just beneath the surface, his blood filled his skull. Sighing, he let go his last adage.

Randy Mazie


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