Last Bust: Wordle 94

Man, I just can’t catch a break….

The Sunday Whirl blog invites writers to write a poem or short prose using some or all of the “wordle’s” 12 words.

This week’s words are:
wordle 2_2_13

Last Bust

Go figure,
No cops.
Just her.
No fuss.
Last wish,
Sweet thing, she said.
I have no interest
in being miserable
and doing this
over and over
Like you do your stuff
over and over
Fly straight,
And prove it,
Or I’m gone.
I’m gone.

Randy Mazie

14 thoughts on “Last Bust: Wordle 94

    • Everything in its due time. Listen to the wisdom of other with more time.
      Missing things is okay. We’re allowed to miss things. It’s good to miss things.
      Lets us know what we really appreciate. And some of the things we miss are not always in our best interest or may not be in our best interest to the degree that we do them. Time is a great processor.

Have some fun...

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