We Go Cruisin’: Day One — Sailing


“Well it’s not far back to sanity, at least it’s not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find serenity
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see.
Believe me.”

Lyrics from Sailing by Chris Cross



We will, my wife and I, be cruising this week; and so I’ve prearranged a daily dose of cruisin’ ditties to keep you posted on our activities and entertain you while we are away.




I am set to sea

A pirate’s life for me

Randy Mazie


10 thoughts on “We Go Cruisin’: Day One — Sailing

    • Thank you.

      It’ll be another chapter in a book one day…. suffice it to say that it ended with me in the hospital with a gastro-intestinal virus which was nasty; and to learn that cruise ships are totally unprepared for medical emergencies – which is unbelievable since they do this week after week after week.


    • Yes, it is amazing that encryption can be the size of the small city.
      Thank you for your good wishes. As you can see in my comments that unfortunately I came down with a gastrointestinal virus at the end of the cruise. And unfortunately I learned that cruise ships are totally unprepared, even though they do this week after week to deal with medical emergencies. I shiver to think what would happen if there was a physical the catastrophe, without seeming to be overdramatic, like the Titanic. But with current events being what they are it is not too far-fetched it cruise ships will continue to run aground and staff will continue to be ill prepared until there are enough class action suits and litigation and regulation of the cruise lines.

      When I’m feeling better I will probably write something about my experiences. Right now I’m just trying to get enough energy to get it to do a little bit of writing and responding to the kind words that people have written to me. Hope everything is good with you, with Bill and the kids.


      • Yuck! I got a bit behind on my blog reading and must have missed that. I hope you’ll be feeling better very soon. I said to Bill about ten minutes ago that I wondered where you were, as I expected you to be writing and posting once you got back. Now I know the sad answer.

        We’re all well and thanks for asking. If the thought of food doesn’t make you nauseous, you can see my post of today for Bill and my most recent event.


        • Thanks.

          As expected, I’m slowly getting back into the swing. My wife was sick, too. Slowly reading and commenting. Not feeling up yet to writing. Got to get back to my full time day job soon, too.

          and this delivery business business I bought with my son-in-law is overwhelming me (and my wife) too.

          I have saved all of your and Bill’s blogs as priority for my reading catch-up… (smile)

          Best regards,


  1. So, wait! Let me get this straight. These are pre-packaged posts you’ve written even before setting foot on board? Is that what you’re telling me?

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