The Hippo Who Thought Too-amus: To MD

This dedicated to someone who thinks she thinks she thinks too much.
Hippo in Grass Skirt small2

The Hippo Who Thought Too-amus

There was a hippopotamus
Who had a brain humang-amus

And that brain humang-amus
Was very intelligent-amus

Went to school regular-amus
Was good at every subject-amus

Got all A’s and B’s-amus
And everyone would make a fuss

And writing every day-amus
Was its life’s desire-amus

But everyone would say-amus
The hippo liked to think too-amus

And so it sat and sat-amus
And thought and thought and thought-amus

Until it thought of all-amus
With nothing left to think-amus

Sat down amidst the mud-amus
Along with all the other hippopotamus

Except being smart, it let go-amus a sigh
For it knew that the plural was: hippopot-ami

Randy Mazie

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11 thoughts on “The Hippo Who Thought Too-amus: To MD

    • thanks. I missed it (and you) too. Have the flu (stand back and use Lysol on the key board), busy with a new business I bought, and planning a vacation for next week. Not enough hours in my day. Loved your Little Boxes III. I shall leave my definitive response to it on your blogsite.


  1. Ahh, you have the flu. I was wondering where you’d been and came by to check up on your. Hopefully the flu will have flown soon, said the fly.

    Which makes me think of the old rhyme:

    The flea and the fly in the flue
    Were imprisoned. Oh, what should they do?
    Said the fly, “Let us flee.”
    Said the flea, “Let us fly.”
    So they flew through the flaw in the flue. (Or in your case, the flu.)

    Sleep well and wake well,


    • our minds are so much alike. I admire you.

      My flu almost flew
      but it’s a’malingering
      so much so
      that I can’t keep a’fingering
      But I’m off on a cruise
      to feel better and snooze
      but I’ve pre-scheduled for you
      each day, a cute little thing a’thing

      Thank you Janet

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