I Never Stop Hearing You Ever

Inspired by Imaginary Garden With Real Toads”
Friday’s Double Talk:

I want doubletalk!
Here’s the plan: write a NEW poem, using the same identical line as both your first and final line to your poem. However, there’s a catch, and you knew there would be! I want you to use the body of your poem to change the meaning. Here is a bit of doggerel off the top of my head, to illustrate what I mean.

pic from Imaginary Garden

pic from Imaginary Garden



I Never Stop Hearing You Ever

I hear you
I always hear you
I never stop hearing you
In my green-lit dreams and yellow swirls
Of waking up
I hear you
Over sizzling eggs and the
Scratching of butter onto toast
I hear you
Over the hum of the car, on the way to the movies,
Home from your mother’s,
Even when I sit alone
I still hear you.
You incessantly tell me to listen.
You incessantly ask
If Iā€™m hearing you.
Yes, I incessantly answer.
Sometimes belatedly
As when I return from a single thought
which I tried to grasp as it floated by
Which got you annoyed
But I tell you anyhow that
I hear you

Randy Mazie


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