They Call Me Wheelie Willie: Visual Dare

You can call me Mr. Wheelie Willie.

VisDare at Anonymous Legacy – 150 word story to accompany the visual prompt

picture from Visdare

picture from Visdare


They Call Me Wheelie Willie

I can’t afford a tire. But who needs one. I am all over with this baby.

I pop a wheelie and I’m gone. The hood knows this homey. They call me Wheelie Willie.

And get out of my way, because when I’m coming through, if you sass me, I’ll just clip you with the two front tire forks.

I’ll hurt you bad. I’ll mess you up. One time I cut this guy’s thigh, and he went down, and I reared back up a second time and I sliced his face. He was lucky I didn’t hit his eye. Nobody messes with me now. Nobody.

Couple of my boys took their wheels off, but they just can’t do it like me. Nobody can do it like me.

You need something delivered fast? I am it. No questions asked. Better than Fed Ex. I am your man.

I am your man.

Randy Mazie


23 thoughts on “They Call Me Wheelie Willie: Visual Dare

  1. There are so many reasons why I love this one. It’s simplicity, it’s clipped first person narrative, the pacing, the fact that this is a person trying to do a hard sell for his services. It renders the photo as an image of how the speaker sees himself, and may or may not be how he is in real life. I also like the fact that Wheelie Willie (LOVE that moniker, by the way) considers his one-wheeled bike as a weapon as well as a mode of transportation. That is one resourceful young man!!

    • Wow, what a great critique, analysis, and thoughtful feedback. Almost as long as the piece itself.

      BTW – Wheelie Willie says thanks for calling him a resourceful young man. He says that he thinks you are the bomb- and asked me to ask you if you need something delivered. He’d like to bring it to you. He’s laughing now. Not sure what this means…


  2. Ahhh Wheelie Willie better watch out. His ego matches his mouth and that could get him into trouble. Won’t take but a walking stick shoved through the rear wheel and it will be up, up, up, and down and out for da count 😉
    So well written! The bravado and arrogance done perfectly 😀

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