No Rain in Sight: Visual Dare

Oh how I wish that it would rain…

VisDare at Anonymous Legacy – 150 word story to accompany the visual prompt

pic from VisDare

pic from VisDare


No Rain in Sight

Come on, I brought the umbrella.

Better rain soon.
Otherwise I’m going to feel prrr-ettt-y foolish sitting up here, dressed like this, in this ridiculous top hat, and perched precipitously on this precarious ledge. That was a mouthful.

Just graduated from meteorology school, and I got this crazy idea to do this in order to attract media attention to my forecasting abilities and land me a job on one of the local TV channels.

I know, it’s crazy. But it was worth a shot.

Oooh, there’s a drop. And look, the first camera crew’s arriving.


Randy Mazie


6 thoughts on “No Rain in Sight: Visual Dare

  1. Why hello there! A new VisDare challenger, and a refreshing spin on the umbrella prompt. I love the idea that this is a publicity stunt, his job riding on the success of what is clearly a pretty big gamble. I love how you got in his head and set up his predicament without burdensome blackflashes or other unwieldy backstory techniques. It’s not easy to set up such a clear picture in so few words, but you managed that beautifully.

    Welcome aboard the #VisDare train! Hope to see more of your entries in future challenges. 🙂

    • Thank you Ms. Goff,

      What nice words and much appreciated. It was a fun prompt. Where did you get that photo? It was great.
      I try to keep all of my works crisp, accessible, and to-the-point; whether they are humorous, dramatic, poetic or otherwise.
      I look forward to your prompts and trying my pen at them


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